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I am so excited to announce that we are adding our handmade boutique clothes and gifts to our online pageant store!  My mother and co-director of the American USA Beauty Pageant, the best Austin pageants system, is the seamstress and spends many hours creating many beautiful dresses, skirt and tops.  She’s been sewing, crocheting embroidering, and refinishing furniture – before I was born!  I’d say there really isn’t too much she can’t and hasn’t done in her lifetime!   Below is a picture of my oldest brother wearing a shirt that my mother made for him and my brother (she made not one…but two and she had her hands full with those two kids!)  The shirts had embroidered flowers on each yoke as well as across the back yoke.  So as you see, she has been sewing for many years!   Be sure to check out our on line store and if you don’t see anything in your size, contact us for custom orders.  Remember, all clothes are one of a kind, so if you like something but it’s not your size we will gladly make one for you using similar but not exact fabric.  You can also add special trims to your custom order.

I am the maker of the gifts found in our boutique!   I love to create unique one of a kind hand embellished trinkets and gifts.  When I look at something that looks like junk to some, I am thinking…”now, what can I make out of that!”  I really enjoy sitting down and designing handmade items to give the contestants of the pageant.   My compulsion for fabric, beads, paint, glitter and rhinestones becomes a creative work of art!  It is fun to carry out my hobby while awarding the kids a keepsake, from one of our Austin pageants.  Sure, our usual awards (crowns, trophies and sashes) are fantastic, but I like the thought that our prizes are handmade and can only be obtained at the American USA Beauty Pageant!  For me, Sewing, Crafting and Pageants…are very rewarding hobbies!  You can leave your mark in the world!

Little Queen