Children’s Advocacy Center – Clothing Drive

This past weekend, The Queen Team collected winter clothing items and cash at the Bastrop Walmart.  The Queen Team collected lots of winter clothing and 639.78 in cash donations.  Look for the Queen Team to be out again in the near future.  If you would like to make donations for the Children’s Advocacy Center, they can be reached here.  American USA would like to thank the Bastrop Walmart all the volunteers on the Queen Team and all the people who donated cash and clothing for this wonderful cause.  

Collecting Some Coats

Community Service – American USA

community serviceWhat an exciting day the queens from the American USA, Miss Bastrop County, and Relay for Life pageants had!  These kids are an amazing group of young leaders and role models for so many!  We like to refer to the three groups as the “Queen Team” – that is when we involve all three pageants into one big group of go-getters…kids on a mission, with a plan to make a difference! Together these groups recently helped raise $439.00 for Gifts From US, a non-profit organization that assists families that have been affected by a disaster.  These funds recently collected were sent to the West Fire Department for families that were directly affected by the fertilizer plant explosion on April 17, 2013.

Community ServiceThe girls were recognized for their hours of community involvement by Governor Rick Perry and received a community service proclamation!  They were very honored and surprised with his acknowledgment.  It was certainly a day they will remember forever! 

My daughter, Katherine is the founder of Gifts From US and I am very proud of her, not surprised by her generosity and kindness – but proud.   Since very young Kristen (my oldest) and Katherine have been volunteering in the community and making a difference.  It was something we did together as a family, it was who we were and was a part of our “everyday” life.  I can remember Kristen volunteering and there was Katherine right by her side – watching, learning, helping and loving every minute of it!  Looking through old pictures, I ran across pictures of just that, the girls volunteering as kids.  I can’t believe they are no longer kiddos, but rather strong, independent young women, who are making a difference in the lives of others every single day.

Community ServiceAmerican USA Beauty Pageant feels very pleased that we are able to organize and assist our girls at all of the community service events.  We have so much fun working together.  You see the kids learning how to work together,  working as a team… for the betterment of someone…someone who needs our help.  It is very rewarding and a lesson that the kids will take with them into their adult life.  Giving back builds character and teaches compassion.  I see a bright future ahead for our queens!

 Please find out more about Gifts From US by visiting and see how you can help!   For more information about American USA Beauty Pageants, click Texas Pageants.