Merry Day After Christmas

Beautiful Girl Bringing GiftsMerry Christmas to everyone, will actually it is Merry Day After Christmas, to be exact.  I hope everyone got what they want, namely, peace, love and understanding.  It is amazing that in these days of material objects what a little peace, love and understanding can do for people.  I mean, really, just think about it.  Peace, love and understanding…for everyone for at least one day out of the year…what a concept…it would be a beautiful thing.  I guess one day that will happen, and we all will be there to see it…oh well…I digress.  I hope that everyone had a GREAT day, I know I did.

So the new year is just around the corner, so I better start writing down the things that I want to do different this, year…let see, I want to have more pageants, be more organized, do more charity work, take a vacation and maybe spend more time with my daughters…hmmm, that doesn’t seem to much…oh yes and workout more.  How about you?  What are your aspirations for the new year?

So before we go, one more picture from one of our Texas pageants, such a beautiful gal!!!

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SpooK-tackular Crown Halloween Photos

Photos from the SpooK-tackular Crown Halloween Pageant

Beauty Pageants – A Great Experience

The beauty shows and beauty pageant industry is a big industry with live pageants, as well as television shows drawing a lot of attention and advertising revenue. Beauty pageants that are aimed at bringing out the best in young girls are also very popular with participants, emerging out of such competitions appearing more confident about themselves and about their bodies.

There have been debates about how these pageants influence young girls. The good news is that the effects are mainly positive. The social interaction, interaction with parents, the growing self confidence and improved personal development of the participants all go up or are boosted tremendously.

  • First, let us look at the social interaction part. Girls are able to meet other participants and learn a lot from each other while preparing for the competition. The interactions are healthy and the participants learn the importance of remaining focused as well as dedicated at what they want to achieve.
  • Girls while preparing for the event spend quality time with parents in choosing dresses, makeup materials and basically communicating with them about how to look the best. The bonding with parents improves and if the mother herself has participated in one such event in her life, she is able to pass on the tips to her daughter for her to become successful.
  • The beauty pageant is organized and run by professionals who lay a lot of emphasis on the contestants putting their best efforts into the competition. They groom the participants on how to excel in the various events leading to the competition and when somebody struggles to do that, they lend a great supporting hand. The participants learn a lot from these activities and automatically experience a boost in their self confidence. They are then able to perform on the big stage with a pleasing smile as well as self assurance. When they emerge victorious, they achieve a sense of satisfaction.
  • The beauty pageant judges the participants across various categories. They are put through different preparatory steps to ensure they present themselves with poise and make best use of their talents. Once they learn some of the tasks, they are able to use them in their lives which make them a confident individual.

To summarize, there is no doubt that beauty pageants have a positive influence on young girls and any of the negative ones are far too minor to affect the individuals in any adverse manner.