Child Beauty Pageants

There has been a lot of talk lately on the internet about Toddlers and Tiaras and about Honey Boo Boo.  The actions of the family and contestants of these child beauty pageants is sometimes astounding and to say the very least jaw dropping.  But that is not how it always is.

child beauty pageantsWe have met many great people in the year s that we have attended and/or directed child beauty pageants.  We have seen many children gain more confidence.  We have seen parents learn to let go and let that child be herself.  The result is a strong independent child who will grow up to be a strong independent woman.  Whenever we encountered drama in our pageants, we promptly handled the drama and went on.  And isn’t that the way life is?  Don’t we all have drama in our lives?  Yes, we all do and child beauty pageants are no different.

These reality shows focus on the outlandish examples of child beauty pageants.  And now we hear from news outlets that some of these reality shows may be scripting their shows.  That means the drama is fake!!!  The shows intent is to create drama where there is none, in an attempt draw more viewers to their show.  Sounds kind of crazy, but when you think about it, sounds so Hollywood.  And Hollywood is all about money.  More people mean more advertisers which mean more money.

Like I said earlier, there will be drama at child beauty pageants.  The trick is to identify, confront and diffuse the drama before it gets out of hand.  You are always going to have someone who does something they are not supposed to wear.  Or someone who does something that they are not supposed to do.  When the director sees situations like that she has to take action or risk her pageant being out of control.