Christmas Shirts and Disco Mania Pageant

Daughters Wearing Christmas Shirts

Now, that the Christmas Dash is behind us, I can get busy working on some unique prizes for the American USA Disco Mania Beauty Pageant! Wait… I almost forgot to show my two sweet daughters in their traditional matching Christmas Shirts that I made!  They both loved them – so I was super excited about that!  Love those two girls!


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This evening I finished decorating the cutest zebra stripped trunk!  It really turned out super groovy – I must say! (see below)  Now, I must decide which contestant will take it home? Got  a lot more ideas of gifts for the kids – tell you more about that next time! Meanwhile, I hope you will plan to attend the national beauty pageant!  The fun doesn’t stop at crowning – it’s just beginning for our winners!


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Zebra Striped Multi Colored Trunk