Merry Day After Christmas

Beautiful Girl Bringing GiftsMerry Christmas to everyone, will actually it is Merry Day After Christmas, to be exact.  I hope everyone got what they want, namely, peace, love and understanding.  It is amazing that in these days of material objects what a little peace, love and understanding can do for people.  I mean, really, just think about it.  Peace, love and understanding…for everyone for at least one day out of the year…what a concept…it would be a beautiful thing.  I guess one day that will happen, and we all will be there to see it…oh well…I digress.  I hope that everyone had a GREAT day, I know I did.

So the new year is just around the corner, so I better start writing down the things that I want to do different this, year…let see, I want to have more pageants, be more organized, do more charity work, take a vacation and maybe spend more time with my daughters…hmmm, that doesn’t seem to much…oh yes and workout more.  How about you?  What are your aspirations for the new year?

So before we go, one more picture from one of our Texas pageants, such a beautiful gal!!!

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