Why Enter Beauty Pageants?

Contestant Bow In HairWith all the “bad” press that has been going on concerning Toddlers and Tiaras and child pageants, a parent may think twice about entering their child into a child beauty pageant.  But like anything else, if you stress confidence and character, beauty pageants can be a fun and rewarding event.  So why should you enter your child into a beauty pageant.

You can enter a beauty pageant for a number of different reasons. You may want to improve your child’s confidence level and presentation skills. Some people enter pageants just for the experience and also to meet new people. Another reason to participate in a pageant is to win the prizes. Parents would have to make the decision for their toddler, tween or teen to participate. As pageants are now also open to adults, the middle-aged and the seniors, these adults have to make the choice.

Beauty Pageants – A Good Experience

As children, we were always hiding behind our parents.  A beauty pageant is a good opportunity to start your child on a path of being out in front of people and doing things for them-self.   Gradually, as your child participates more and more in these and other events, she will begin to feel comfortable in front of people.  Who knows, maybe this will pave the road for your youngster to be a news anchor, politician, speaker, or a master of ceremonies…you never know.

Confidence Builder

Gaining confidence is good for any person of any age. Taking part in a pageant will surely help to build a person’s confidence because the event will be held in front of an audience of friends and strangers. Even if a contestant does not win, the fact that she participated is enough to lift her spirits and raise her confidence.

Presentation Skills

No matter what we do, we are always being judged.  From the super market to the workplace, people will always judge us by the way we act and behave.  So learning how to present yourself in public is paramount to be successful in life.  Participating in a beauty pageant can help you refine how your child walks, smiles, and even talk.   A beauty pageant will give you as a parent feedback on your daughters presentation skills and get her started on making that great first impression.  And first impression are so important in life, no matter how unfair it can be, first impressions are important.

cash in handBeauty Pageants – Cash Prizes

Some beauty pageants offer cash prizes and in some cases all the contestants receive trophies, sashes, gift certificates or gift baskets.   Most pageants will offer between $100 and $200 dollars in cash for the winners in certain categories.  And yes, that too is a reason for entering into a pageant.   Some of the more well known pageants offer, scholarships, automobiles, clothes, shoes and gift certificates as prizes.

Pageants Meeting  New People

So lets be honest, we have to meet people in order to be successful.  Beauty pageants are an excellent way to meet people.  From the producers, to the photographers, to the venue director, to the other contestants and of course the other parents.  Networking is vital in today’s society if you want to succeed in business and/or in your personal life.

Pageants Are Fun

Pageants are fun.  I know as an adult it is fun to get dressed up and go out on the town.  Pageants achieve the same result for your kids.  There is nothing like getting dressed up and being seen by other people.  It gives your child  confidence and makes her feel so special.

Momma and her child